JJ and The Giant Frog

City Quay National School 2nd Class 3 March 2011
JJ the singer is on stage giving a concert in The O2 in Dublin to his thousands of fans.

When the concert is over, and he had given autographs to his fans, he goes to his hotel.

He feeds his pig Jonathan, has a shower and then lies down for a rest.

The next day, Jonathan wakes JJ up and says, “Give me my breakfast!”
“In a minute,” JJ says.

“I’m really hungry. Give me my breakfast now!” Jonathan whines.

JJ calls room service and orders breakfast. He orders sausages, chicken, toast, scrambled eggs, a boiled egg, a burger and rashers with orange juice to drink.

After breakfast Jonathan is in a much better mood.

“Okay JJ, today is the day that I am going to teach you to swim. I’ll do it but you have to buy me lunch!” says Jonathan. 

Jonathan knows how to swim because he is a pig. 

Jonathan and JJ go to the swimming pool in the garden behind the hotel.

They both jump into the pool by jumping off the diving board.

Once they are in the water, they discover a giant frog. The frog sees the two friends and chases after them.