Jimmy Bob Joe the Chicken Lover

St. Paul's, 5th Class, 01/06/10
Once upon a time, there was a fish called Jimmy Bob Joe who was afraid of water.

Jimmy Bob Joe had a best friend who was a non-fried chicken wing, but soon he wanted to be friends with a fried chicken wing instead.

He lived on a desert island with his friend, Chickeny-Carl, the non-fried chicken wing. One day, on the way to the shop, Chickeny-Carl and Jimmy Bob Joe met a crab who tried to eat Chickeny-Carl.

“Isn’t that your worst enemy?” Jimmy Bob Joe said to Chickeny-Carl

“Oh no!” said Chickeny-Carl

Jimmy Bob Joe quickly tried to swim away with his best friend, but he couldn’t because he was afraid of water and he couldn’t swim.

Suddenly there was an awkward silence between the two friends.

Luckily, a giant lava rock fell onto the crab and crushes him, “poof!”

Immediately after the lava incident, Chickeny-Carl tried to teach Jimmy Bob Joe how to swim by making him face his fear of water.

Eventually, Jimmy Bob Joe became bored with Chickeny-Carl and decided to leave on his journey to meet a new best friend who would hopefully be a fried-chicken wing.