The Jelly That Cried Football

Fionnbarra Naofa, 4th and 5th Class, 31/05/10
Harry Haribo falls out of his packet. Then he says to himself ‘I want to play in the Jelly World Championship against the Haribo rivals, the Jelly Babies - Jelly Johemians.’

Harry is walking down the street and he sees the stadium, Croke Jelly. He wants to run in.

He sees Giovanni Jellitoni, the manager of Haribo F.C.

‘Can I please play for Haribo F.C.?. I’m begging you!’

‘How good are you?’ says Jellitoni.

‘I’m really good. I’m a great right back.’

 ‘Do you see any of your friends on the team?’

‘Yes – Jallopy Keane.’

‘I’ll need to see you at the trials. The trials are at 6 till half seven’ says Jellitoni….