Jeff The Space Dog

St Malachy’s BNS, Edenmore, Dublin 5, 2nd Class, Fighting Words Dublin, 27th January 2020

Jeff the dog was on Planet Jungle, which was his home planet.

He was looking around for his owner Harold. They were playing hide and seek.

Jeff found Harold hiding in a bush.

“Can I be a space dog?” asked Jeff.

“No,” said Harold. “You might get lost in space.”

Jeff felt sad that he couldn’t go to space. “It’s my greatest wish. I really want to go!”

Harold said, “I want you to be happy so I will come with you. We will go to our moon!”

Harold had been to space before so he tried to help Jeff.

Jeff needed a lot of help because he had never been to space before.

Jeff was wagging his tail because he was so happy he was going to the moon.

Harold and Jeff found a little clearing and brought their space ship to the clearing.

3,2,1...LIFT OFF!

Nick said, “The only food in space is cake!”

Jeff felt scared and sad. “I’m afraid of cake...”