Jeff the Mighty Glass

St Mary’s Primary School, Dublin 7, 5th Class, Fighting Words Dublin, 9 March 2020

Once upon a time in a kitchen, there was a glass called Jeff. The unfortunate thing was he was stuck in a cupboard.

The family had gone on vacation and there was no one there to open the cupboard.

Jeff was really lonely and he missed his friends Salt and Pepper. Jeff went on a mighty trip in the cupboard to meet a new friend.

He climbed up onto the other shelf. He had never been on that shelf before.

One of the other glasses saw that Jeff was having trouble so she went over to help him.

“I don’t need help. I’ve got this,” said Jeff.

The other glass said, “I’m only trying to help you. Anyway, my name is Smooth.”

“My name is Jeff,” Jeff replied. “Thanks for your help.”

In the cupboard it was dark and cold.

Smooth said, “I want to get out of here.”

“I want to go outside too,” said Jeff.

So Smooth and Jeff decided to push themselves out.

They climbed out of the cupboard and went to the edge of the sink.

Jeff tripped and fell into the sink. As he fell, he caught onto the tap.

And the water began to fill Jeff up but soon it began to spill over.

Smooth tried to help...