Jean Claude and the Lying Critic

St. Brigid’s Primary School, Haddington Road, 6th Class, 24th November 2011
Jean Claude is cooking spaghetti and meatballs in his restaurant. 

Today is the day Jean Claude is going to teach Charlie, his trainee chef, how to cook his secret recipe of spaghetti sauce. 

The doorbell rings and a delivery man walks in.  The restaurant is in a mess, and hasn’t opened yet. 

Jean Claude says, “Bonjour.”

The delivery man doesn’t respond. 

Charlie is busy chopping tomatoes.  As Jean Claude hoists the boxes of pizza dough for the silver anniversary of his restaurant onto the shelf, he hears a familiar voice. 

A shiver runs down his spine and he is overwhelmed with fear.  
“Well, well, well, we meet again,” says the delivery man, as his voice echoes around the room. 

Jean Claude realises the delivery man is the food critic and turns around.  He steps on a banana skin, slips and plops on the ground. 

Because Jean Claude is so fat, he bounces on the ground and can’t get up.  The ground starts shaking.

Charlie quickly runs up to help, but he accidently slips on the banana skin too.  He falls under Jean Claude and squishes him. 

The food critic starts to laugh.  Jean Claude is afraid that the food critic will recommend that his restaurant be shut down.  The food critic says to Jean Claude, “I’ll be back.” 

Jean Claude, still bouncing up and down, says, “Please come back.  I’ll do anything. I’ll even loose weight.”…