Jane Wilson and the Jellyfish

Scoil Mhuire N.S Oranmore, Co. Galway, 6th Class, Fighting Words Galway 21 May 2021                                       

Jane is a girl who lives with her parents, in a small cottage by the beach in Hawaii.

One day, she wanted to go swimming with the sharks.

She went down to take a look at the ocean to see if she could see anything.

The only problem was she was scared of the jellyfish in the ocean.

Her main goal was to get over her fear of jellyfish. So she decided to go surfing to see if she could get over her fear of jellyfish.

When she was younger she got stung by a jellyfish and she couldn’t swim for a year.

She ran home to get her surf-board. As she was walking home, she suddenly stopped.

The shark alarm went off. She had a flash-back of when she was stung by the jellyfish.

She could see her cottage and the ocean. She saw a shark coming towards a little child.

Her heart started beating really fast and she was frozen with fear. She immediately turned around and ran straight to the water.

She saw a surf-board half-buried in the sand. She rushed to the water with the surf-board.

She dived into the water to try and save the child but she saw a jellyfish...