Jamie in the Jungle

St Patrick’s Boys National School, Drumcondra, Dublin 9, 4th Class, 9th January 2019

Jamie the explorer jumped over the river. The river had toxic water and potatoes floating in it.

Jamie was looking for his family. Jamie’s family had crash-landed on the island and he was looking for them.

Jamie’s best friend, Quentin the dog, found the scent of his family.

Quentin climbed up the tree so Jamie had to climb up after him.

Suddenly, Jamie put his hand on a branch but the branch snapped and he fell!

After the branch snapped, Jamie heard footsteps and he ran away.

As he was running, a phusa jumps on him (a phusa has paws that turn and big teeth).

Quentin the dog came and barked at the phusa and the phusa ran away.

Jamie saw the glimpse of a plane wing in the distance.

He went to look closer and discovered it was a Ryanair 737max plane-wing…