The Jail Break

Scoìl Chriost  Rì, Causeway, 3rd to 6th Class, Fighting Words Kerry

In an abandoned warehouse in an unknown location Lily the dog and Snowy the rabbit are busy planning to break their friend, Peter out of Jail. 

They think the evil pigeons are responsible for framing them and landing them in jail.  

They have a meeting in the office and know they have to come up with a clever plan as they know the pigeons are cunning and are good at racing and carrying messages. 

They know they will have to rely on their super powers. 

Snowy is an expert at burrowing underground and Lily is good at distraction skills and has a super nose. 

They decide  to look for a  house that is close to the jail where they won’t be noticed.  

They find an abandoned mansion from the 19th century and discover there are tunnels leading off from the cellar and know they can reach the jail from there.   

‘Operation Pluck the Pigeon’ is a go!