Every morning, brilliant new stories are written by primary schoolchildren.They are all stored in our library (the stories, not the children). To read the stories and see the pictures, just click on the title or read more to view stories.

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The Flying Pig

Scoil Mhuire, Newbridge, 4th Class, Fighting Words Kildare, 22 October 2021

One morning, Gino the Giraffe woke up to a knock at his door. It was his best friend, Zino the Zebra.

Zino came by to warn Gino about the hunters in Bulgaria.

“Warn everyone,’ said Gino.

Elvis agus na Bananaí

Scoil Uí Ghramhnaigh, Rath Chairn, Áth Buí, Co. na Mí, Rang a 4, Fighting Words Chonamara, 22/10/2021

Lá amháin, bhí Elvis an eilifint imithe amach le Mr. Sausage agus bhí Mr. Sausage ag ithe bananaí.

Nuair a chonaic Elvis na bananaí, chaith sé na bananaí suas san aer agus rith sé uathu.

Chuaigh sé chomh fada le Centra agus fuair sé níos mó bananaí!

Run Rabbit Run

Fighting Words Longford, Aisling Festival, 20/10/2021

Timmy the Turtle was in Australia on his holidays. He was down by the beach practicing his running.

The wolves from South America usually knocked him down on his shell. Timmy was happy to get a break away from them.

His best friend is Big Fat Cow but he is at home in Ireland and he really misses him.

Jimmy and the Magic Flute

Glasnevin E.T.N.S. 5th class, 21st October 2021

Everybody knows Little Jimmy with his vibrant red hair and backwards cap.

He knew he was the talk of the town and then he went in to collect his post in the local post office at eleven in the morning. 

As he left the post office, dancing around and playing his flute, he danced all the way to Old Man Widdle’s house.

Fizzy & the Scary Bananas

Scoil Mochua, Celbridge, 3rd Class, Fighting Words Wicklow, 21 October 2021

Once upon a time, there was a lizard named Fizzy. Fizzy wanted to become immortal but he hated bananas.

Fizzy wanted to eat bananas but it made him sick.

He met a new best friend after his other friend kicked him out of the house because he got sick all over the house after trying to eat bananas.

The Runaway

Cloverfield NS, Dromkeen, 5th & 6th Class, Fighting Words Limerick, 21st October 2021

It was 1939, Jimmy Byrne had just returned home from work in the factory.

A letter was waiting for him which said you have been drafted to war.

The letter said Come serve your country. Jimmy got a big fright when he received the letter he wasn't expecting it.

Teddy Goes Rogue

St. Patrick's Boys National School, Hollypark, Blackrock, 3rd Class, Fighting Words Wicklow, 20 October 2021

Once upon a time Jason the Boy was digging in his back garden to plant flowers when he found a time capsule.

He opened it and marvelled at what he saw. He found a teddy bear that was pink with brown spots. 

”You’re now my best friend,” said Jason.

Lucy agus na bananaí

Scoil Chnoc na Naomh, Doire Chonaire, Gort a' Choirce, Leitir Ceanainn, Co. Dhún na nGall, Rang 5 & 6, Fighting Words Chonamara, 20 Deireadh Fómhair 2021

Lá amháin fadó, fadó, fadó bhí Lucy agus Jeb an moncaí ag súgradh sa pháirc. 

Tháinig gaoth láidir agus tháinig tornado.  Chonaic siad bananaí istigh sa tornado.

Thosaigh Jeb an moncaí ag rith go dtí an tornado fá choinne na bananaí ar fad a fháil agus bhí Lucy ag rith ar shiúl mar ní raibh dúil aici sna bananaí.

The Day of the Pig

 Alexandra College Junior School, Milltown, 5th Class, Fighting Words Wicklow 19 October 2021

Anna the Girl was being chased by a pig. She had no escape, unless she was to climb into a tree and stay there until the pig was gone.

Her heart was beating, the hair on her neck stood on end. She was waiting in the tree for hours until the pig left.

When she was younger, she had been bitten by an angry and depressed pig which was why she was so scared of them!

Peely and Baby’s Adventures

St. Patrick’s BNS, Donabate, 2nd class, 18th October 2021

Once there was a knight whose name was Peely. He wore banana armour.

He was at war with Big Bad banana, the brown banana. Bad banana was trying to make Peely into a rotten, brown banana.

Then, he met someone called Baby in the war on a walk on the beach.

Mr. Píotsa agus Toby ar an bhFeirm

Scoil Iognáid Rís, Daingean Uí Chúis, Co. Chiarraí, Rang a 2 agus Rang a 3, 15/10/2021

Lá amháin bhí Toby ag luí sa stábla. Chonaic sé Mr. Píotsa ag luí sa stábla freisin. Dhúisigh Mr. Píotsa agus dúirt sé, “tá ocras orm!”

Ansin dhúisigh Toby agus dúirt sé le Mr. Píotsa,

“tá ocras ormsa freisin. An bhfuil cead agam tú a ithe?”

The Magical Adventure of Mr. Ducky and Vladimir the Red Dragon

St. Rose's National School, Tallaght, 5th & 6th Class, Fighting Words Wicklow, 14 October 2021

The beast awakened and the town heard him yawn. He was very mad and upset.

Vladimir the red dragon had flashbacks from when he was playing and dancing with his best friend, Mr. Ducky, when he was little. 

The guards from the kingdom came and took him away when he was a young dragon aged one year.

Timmy agus Kermit the frog

Scoil Iognáid Rís, Daingean Uí Chúis, Co. Chiarraí, Rang a 4 agus Rang a 5, 14/10/2021

Bhí Timmy sa siopa peataí ag lorg cipínigh ach ní raibh aon chipíneach ann agus bhí sé an-bhrónach.

Chonaic sé duine ag lorg madra agus shiúil sé in aice leis. Dúirt sé, “Is mise Bob, tá mé 80 bliain d’aois.”

Dúirt Bob go raibh milseáin sa veain bhán ach nuair a chuaigh sé go dtí an veain ní raibh milseáin ann, ach bhí minc ann.

The Apocalypse

 St. Patrick's Boys National School, Hollypark, Blackrock, 3rd Class, Fighting Words Wicklow, 13 October 2021

One time in 1921, Jack the Horse and Bobby the Knight were outside when they heard something. Bobby was nervous so he rushed into the King’s room.

“Oh King, Oh King, I heard a loud noise outside,” Bobby said worriedly.

“Don’t panic, let’s get the cannons ready,” replied the King.

The Attack of the Grass Monster

Scoil Assaim, 5th Class, 13 October 2021

There was once a girl with hay fever and asthma. She didn’t have many friends but she had her best friend Luke who was always by her side. 

She didn’t go outside because she was scared of the grass monster.

The grass monster was a giant humanoid creature made up entirely of grass.

The Mystery Mist

St. Kevin's National School, Tara Hill, Gorey, 5th Class, Fighting Words Wicklow, 12 October 2021

Bridget was not having a good day because she was getting bullied at school again.

She was also upset because she couldn’t stop thinking about her best friend, Rigu, leading their town, The Spring Oasis. 

Bridget was tall with brown hair and dark eyes and Rigu was wearing her typical space buns.


St. Mochta’s, 4th class, 11th October 2021

Billy was swinging in the trees and out jumped his brother, Franky.

Suddenly he heard a bustle in the trees and he went to investigate.

Then he sees parents caught in a trap. He was shocked and he stood there in silence. 

Caillte i SuperValu

Scoil Uí Ghramhnaigh, Rath Chairn, Áth Buí, Co. na Mí, Rang a 6, Fighting Words Chonamara, 08/10/2021

Cheannaigh Mamó an spúnóg adhmaid i SuperValu agus ansin chonaic sí Jim Mór an Fata ar €3.99.

Dúirt Barry ‘Dia duit’ leis an bhfata. Ní raibh a fhios ag Mamó é, ach Barry an t-ainm a bhí ar an spúnóg adhmaid.

Ní raibh a fhios ag Mamó go raibh Barry agus Jim Mór in ann caint lena chéile.

Someone Stole My Teddy Bear

Bayside SNS, 6th class, 7th October 2021

Dave was a homeless boy. He grew up on the streets. One day he met an old drunk man named Gerald who helped him find his way. 

Gerald was his only friend ever since his parents died.

As Gerald helped him get on his path, Dave also tried to help Gerald get out of his addiction.

Sewer Rats

Alexandra College Junior School, Milltown, 5th Class, Fighting Words Wicklow, 07 October 2021

Henry was a normal person who liked to catch rats in the sewers.

But Regina the Rat had escaped and ran into his basement. She was not like other rats.

She had sharp, pointy teeth and claws, and fur like a hedgehog’s spikes.

Play Time

St. Joseph's National School, Dun Laoghaire, 6th Class, Fighting Words Wicklow, 06 October 2021

Billy the Little Boy was playing on his farm on 31st October 1921.

When he wandered into the cornfield, he found a teddy bear. It looked like a normal teddy bear but there was something strange about its eyes.

They were glow-in-the-dark red and shaped like an egg. Billy felt anxious but felt like there was an odd connection between them.

Josh's Travelling Disaster

Scoil Padre Pio, 6th Class, Fighting Words  Cork, 05 October 2021

Josh was born and raised in China. He is 20 years old. One day he got a phone call from his friend Janet who wanted to meet up with him.

He has to fly to a different country to meet Janet, but he’s afraid of heights.

It is their other friend’s 21st birthday and they want to do something special.

Never Trust a Chicken

Blessington No. 1 School, Blessington, 5th Class, Fighting Words Wicklow, 05 October 2021

It was a sunny day in Mr. Potato the Roast Potato’s kitchen in Ireland. He was with Mr. Chicken Leg and they were about to get cooked.

The human was cooking the other roast potatoes and chicken, but Mr. Potato and Mr. Chicken Leg’s cooking time was delayed.

Then, Mr. Potato saw the human take out a potato masher.


St. Anne’s Loreto Primary School,Navan, 6th Class, 4 October 2021

Once upon a time there lived a dog called George. He went to school at St. Anne’s and found a friend called Baz the Guinea Pig.

Baz and George became best friends and hung out at their owner’s house.

George wore a suit and Baz wore a dress.

Billy agus a Ghabhar

Scoil Bhaile Nua, Maigh Cuilinn, Co. na Gaillimhe, Rang a 5,6, Fighting Words Chonamara, 01/10/2021

Lá amháin i lár an phortaigh, bhí Billy Johnson ag caoineadh le Jo Mama an gabhar.

Bhí daoine ag magadh faoi. Bhí siad ag magadh faoi mar bhí a fhios acu nár thaitin an dath bándearg leis. Bhí sé ag iarraidh cairde nua.

Chuaigh siad go dtí an baile mór agus chuaigh siad ag cuardach daoine eile.

Johnny’s Way to Jupiter

St.Fiachra’s SNS, 6th class, 30th September 2021

One Thursday, Johnny the seven-year-old boy and his magic teddy who he brought everywhere went to the scrap yard to collect scraps and materials so they could build a rocket to go to Jupiter.

They collected all the scraps they needed and built their blue and yellow rocket.

They were ready to go to Jupiter.

Joe the Half Robot, Half Human Gets Betrayed

St. Rose's National School, Tallaght, 3rd & 4th Class, Fighting Words Wicklow, 30 September 2021

Joe the Half Robot, Half Human was in his haunted mansion. He got separated from his best friend, Wizard Blob the Wizard.

They were both being haunted by their biggest fears, Joe’s being Big Macs!

The cobwebs surrounded them so they couldn’t escape. It was scaring them and making them feel annoyed.

Danny the Football Player

St Senan’s NS, Foynes, 1st & 2nd , Fighting Words Limerick, 30th September 2021

Danny the football player got substituted on to play for his team. Then, the principal of the school called Danny to his room and gave him new jerseys for the team. 

He was afraid that his best friend Robbie wouldn’t fit in the jersey.

Robbie thought his best friend Danny was going to kick the ball to him and the ball was going to burst.

Aengus and the Chocolate Heist

Lucan Educate Together National School, 5th Class, Fighting Words Wicklow, 29th September 2021

Aengus the ten year old boy was playing his first GAA match. He was a defender. Afterwards, he met his cousin Patricia in town.

They hopped on the next horse drawn carriage to Ringsend. 

“How did the match go?” asked Patricia. 

The Criminals and the Diamond

St.Patrick’s JNS, Blanchardstown, 2nd class, 29th September 2021

Greg the super-villain and Freddy the Criminal were robbing a bank. And then Eddie the super-hero came and they started fighting.

Then the superhero went away because he didn’t have enough power and the criminals went to their hide-out.

They were talking about how to defeat the chief of the super-heroes who was stronger than all the super-heroes.

Goat's Cheese

Alexandra College Junior School, Milltown, 6th Class, Fighting Words Wicklow, 28 September 2021

“Hi, I’m Gary the Race Car Driver. My best friend is Cheesy Chad, a block of cheddar cheese. Stop saying Feta.

He’s not made of Fetal. For the love of God, stop Feta!” Gary said to the news reporter.

In came Cheesy Chad to the interview in his swaggy sunglasses and backwards baseball cap.

Trevor’s Annoying Adventure

Scoil Assaim Boy's National School, Raheny, 5th Class, 27 September 2021

Trevor the Annoying Spud got kidnapped by an Oompa-Loompa. The Oompa-Loompa wanted to turn him into a crisp. 

His best friend, Le-mon the French Lemon, squirted some lemon juice in the Oompa-Loompa’s eyes and burned him. 

Then, the Oompa-Loompa said, “Don’t hurt me! I’ll tell you where my boss is!”

Capers Jimmy Óig agus Bhilly Mhóir

Scoil Náisiúnta Thóin Ré Gaoith, Tóin Ré Gaoith, Acaill, Co. Mhaigh Eo, Rang a 4,5,6, Fighting Words Chonamara, 23/09/2021

Lá amháin bhí Jimmy Óg ag siúl sa pháirc. Bhí sé an-scamallach agus bhí tintreach agus toirneach ar an mbealach.

Chonaic sé spúnóg adhmaid ar an mbóthar. Rith sé agus rith sé ach spúnóg adhmaid dhraíochta a bhí inti agus lean sí Jimmy Óg agus SLAM! 

The Battle At KFC

St. Conleth and Mary's National School, Newbridge, 4th Class, Fighting Words Kildare, 24 September 2021

Loaf of Bread, the most dangerous thing on earth, likes chicken. 

Loaf of Bread's best friend is Jeff and he is a chicken curry.  They had a great friendship where they prank each other. 

“Jeff, we need to turn the world into bread,” said Loaf of Bread.

John and the Magical Dog

St. Laurence O’Toole’s CBS, 2nd and 3rd class, 23rd September 2021

One day, John the Little Boy was walking to school when he found a dog on the streets. John had a big, heavy jacket on because it was raining.

He put the dog in his bag so no one could see him. 

When he went to school, the dog was making noise and all the teachers were like “What’s that noise?”

The Curse of Bananas

Rathmichael School, Shankill, 5th Class, Fighting Words Wicklow, 23 September 2021

Once upon a time there was an orphan called Bob. He didn’t know much but he knew that bananas were the scariest thing in the world.

He had been in Dublin Orphanage since he was a toddler.

Bob was in the orphanage because both of his parents slipped on a banana and hit their heads! 

Wild and free

Valleymount National School, Wicklow, 5th & 6th Class, Fighting Words Wicklow, 22 September 2021

Amber the horse really didn’t like the farm that she was on at the moment. Her owners were thinking of selling her. She was sick of being worked and she needed a rest. 

She had to plough fields every single day. She was heartbroken that she was being worked but other horses were having a better life. Amber just wanted to be free! 

The owners were thinking of selling her best friend Oinker the pig as well.