Every morning, brilliant new stories are written by primary schoolchildren.They are all stored in our library (the stories, not the children). To read the stories and see the pictures, just click on the title or read more to view stories.

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Trying to Find Home

St. Brigid’s GNS, Glasnevin, 6th class, 27th January 2022

Zach was waiting for the train to arrive. But something caught his eye.

He saw a small hat on the floor and he put it on his teddy. When he did that the train arrived with a loud whistle. 

He rushed onto the train to find a seat. He dodged the ticket warden so he won’t have to pay.

The Fold

Strawberry Hill, 6th class, Fighting Words Cork, 25th January 2022

The night that ruined Chad’s life… “I fold,” he whispered reluctantly.

Those two words haunted him for the rest of his life.

He walked out of the casino with his signature Crash Bandicoot backpack, when he heard a crunching noise from the bushes.

The Adventures of Jerry and Jenny

Sacred Heart National School, Killinarden, 2nd Class, Fighting Words Wicklow, 27 January 2022

One day Jerry the wolf wanted to see his girlfriend Jenny the pink wolf but it was light outside.

When he first saw light he just stared at it because he was scared of it.

Jerry found a rainbow umbrella to hide him from the light so he could see Jenny.  

The Professor’s Crazy Adventure

Scoil Naomh Íde, Ashford, 3rd – 6th Class, Fighting Words Limerick, 27th January 2022

It was in the middle of a bleak winter when Professor Shwingwottle was working on one of his projects.

He was working on a device to make his best friend Matt the Meerkat talk to him.

He wanted Matt to talk to him because he is lonely. 

The Lost Alien

Trinity Primary School, Tuam Co.Galway, 3rd Class, Fighting Words Galway                                  

A long long time ago, Bob the alien was born on a spaceship in the middle of nowhere. He was eating eggs.

Meanwhile, another egg was hatching back on Mars. This was his sister. Her name was Hamburger!

His spaceship went into a meteor shower and then crashed down to earth.

An Oíche Aisteach

Scoil Náisiúnta Leitir MealláinLeitir Mealláin, Co. na Gaillimhe, Rang 3,4,5, Fighting Words Chonamara, 26 Eanáir 2022

Is mise Luna. Tá mé dhá bhliain déag d’aois.

Tá mé i mo chónaí i mbaile beag, Tír na nÓg.

Is mise an t-aon ghasúr i mo chlann.

​The Dragon Makes a Friend

St. Francis’ Junior National School, 2nd class, 26th January 2022

Jimmy and Timmy were watching TV and they looked out the window and saw a group of aliens throwing green confetti bombs.

Their house was on a cliff and the confetti bombs made their floor crack.

Jimmy and Timmy’s friend, Joshua the Two-Headed, One-Legged Pirate came with bricks to help them out.

Pigs Can Fly

Lycée Français d'Irlande, Clonskeagh, 5th Class, Fighting Words Wicklow, 25 January 2022

Once there was a pig named Wobbles and a duck named Quack Quack who lived in a big mansion in San Francisco. 

One day while they were sipping their tea, Wobbles said, “I want to fly”. 

“Since when do pigs fly?” replied Quack Quack. 

Jon Johnson and His Long Beard

St Brendan's NS, Juniors to 5th Class, Fighting Words Cork, 24 January 2022

One day Jon Johnson was wrestling with a legendary fighter called Noovana.

Jon Johnson was at his strongest because his beard was very long and his power came from his beard.

It was down to his toes. Sometimes it made it hard to fight as his beard was on the earth.  He hadn’t lost a fight in seven years.

The Quest for a Chicken Sandwich

Scoil Fhursa, 6th class, 25th January 2022

Once upon a long time ago there was an eight-year-old boy called Oisin who was homeless.

He had one friend called Tobias. His greatest wish was to have a breaded chicken sandwich because he loved chicken.

He ate rocks because he had nothing else to eat. He was able to eat rocks because he once ate a radioactive banana that changed his digestive system. 

Mango in Mayhem

Scoil Na Naomh Uilig, Newbridge, 6th Class, Fighting Words Kildare, 24 January 2022

Once upon a time, there was a mango called Jemarcus who lived in a kitchen. He was running away from his arch nemesis Jemal.

Neither him nor Jemal wanted to be in the next smoothie but they were both laying on top of the front bowl. 

“You’ll never catch me you fruity fool” screamed Jemarcus. 

Henry Stickman The Thief

St. Fiachra’s JNS, 2nd class, 24th January 2022

One day, Henry was watching TV and the mayor was on the TV saying “ As the mayor I declare this silver spark diamond to cost a fortune”.

While Henry saw what the mayor was saying he was trying to find the diamond.

Henry was planning a big heist at the dinosaur museum the next day and he was very slippery so no one could find where he went.

Stick and her Best Friend Branch

Our Lady of Mercy NS, Bantry, 2nd Class, Fighting Word Cork, 24 January 2022

One day, Stick the pony was playing in a field with a stick.  Stick fell asleep and then dreamed about a big stick.

Branch the pony came along and woke Stick up.  Branch showed Stick a rodeo course. 

Stick threw carrots at Branch; she was so jealous because Branch could jump and she couldn’t.

The Three Timmys

Scoil Mhuire, Shankill, 4th Class,Fighting Words Wicklow 20 January 2022

One day, Timmy B the monkey was bored and he decided to go to the nearest pet shop.

When he walked into the pet shop, he saw Timmy the Jack Russell and immediately fell in love with him.

“Nobody’s going to get this dog, he’s mine, everybody leave,” said Timmy B a bit loud as he picked up the Jack Russell and ran away with him.

Mr Fox & Mr Badger’s Clever Plan

Trinity Primary School, Tuam Co.Galway, 3rd Class, Fighting Words Galway, 14/01/22

Once upon a time there was a fox. His name was Mr Fox and he had just made a new house, a den.

After he finished the house he stole food from the farmer, and the fox nearly got caught!

His friend Mr Badger came over to have dinner with Mr Fox with the stolen food.

Funni Guy Dren

St. Declan's Special School, Ballsbridge, 6th Class, Fighting Words Wicklow 19 January 2022

One day Dren the wizard blanket and Banana the banana were stuck in a mediaeval dungeon and they had to try to escape. 

Luckily, there was a giant with a giant cannon that helped them escape and wanted to destroy the village. 

Dren used his wizard magic to speak to Banana. 

The Dog with the Dream

Scoil Naomh Pio, 3rd and 4th class, 19th January 2022

One day Buddy went for a walk. There were clear skies, not a single cloud, and he was walking with his owner Jeff.

Buddy felt amused with the hot weather. Jeff and Buddy always talk together.

Buddy said, “Hey Jeff, can you take the lead off? I see a squirrel over there that I want to bark at.”

"Dale's Farm Life"

Kilmeen National School, 5th and 6th Class, Fighting Words Cork, 18 January 2022

This is a story about Dale MacSturdy who lives in County Limerick. Right now he’s having a bad dream about pasta.

Paul the basketball is there for him. Dale squeezes Paul so tight, he almost pops.

Dale sounds like he might be a child, but he’s actually in his mid-fifties.

Camillo and Banana’s Big Adventure to China

Croi Ro Naofa Junior National School, Killinarden, 2nd Class, Fighting Words Wicklow, 18 January 2022

Once before there was a red and black dragon called Camilo. He lived in a cave all by himself in America beside his best friend Banana the monkey.

He wanted to go on an adventure. He knocked on Banana’s cave door. 

“Do you want to come on an adventure with me?” asked Camilo as he shook with excitement. 

The Big Bad Mission

St. Thomas Junior National School, Jobstown, 2nd Class, Fighting Words Wicklow, 17 January 2022

One day, Laser Girl went over to her best friend, Laser Man's house.

They had a mission to find their next target because they were spies working for the FBI. She knocked on the door with shaky hands.

Laser Man opened the door and Laser Girl saw the robot butler. 

Fred the Penguin’s Journey

St. Fiachra’s Junior National School, 2nd class, 17th January 2022

Once upon a time Fred the Penguin lived in a small cottage. He was born there.

He was an orphan. His best friend was Luke the Baby Husky. 

The cottage broke and he wanted to fix it. But when he was fixing it, he hurt his flipper

Emily Browne agus na Trí Ainmhí Robo

Scoil Naithí, Baile an tSaoir, Baile Átha Cliath, 16, Rang a 6, 13 Eanáir 2022

“Aaaa!” a scread Emily Browne agus í ag rith ón Robo Cat. Bhí sé á leanúint mar gur thóg sí an chocolate croissant a bhí aige.

Thosaigh an scéal seo nuair a fuair Emily paicéad.  Istigh sa phaicéad bhí Jamal Jefferson, an Tríú Robo Hamstar. 

Bhí cruth air cosúil le liathróid istigh sa phaicéad agus bhí sé istigh i roth hamstair.

The Mystery of the Brooch

St. Brigid’s GNS, Glasnevin, 6th class, 13th January 2022

Mrs. Brown chased them through the streets as they ran away from the orphanage. Charlotte said in a breathless voice, “I think we’ve lost her.”

Charlotte and Annabelle were running away from the orphanage to escape from the abuse that they were getting there. They were thankful they left. 

All of a sudden, they saw Mrs. Brown behind them and she grabbed Annabelle.

The Great Shadow Returns

Belgrove Junior Boys School, 1st class, 12th January 2022

Once upon a time in the time realm, the Master of Time was chilling out and drinking Coke.

Then his alarm clock went off. Then he went to brush his teeth. 

When he was finished, he went to his friend Hot Dog Man and asked, “I’m so bored. Do you know when the next crime is going to be?”

The Blast from the Past

St. Fiachra’s JNS, 2nd class, 10th January 2022

Once upon a time there was a Spanish Goat named Samuel who ate bricks.

His greatest wish was to be able to fart to the moon but he didn’t know how. 

Then he saw a pencil and he was scared of the Pencil so he hid under a rock.

Mr. Dynamite agus a Chloigeann

Scoil Uí Ghramhnaigh, Ráth Chairn, Co. na Mí, Rang a 2, 17/12/2021

Seo é Mr. Dynamite.

Tá sé in ann a chloigeann a bhaint dhó agus é a chur ar ais arís. Chuaigh Mr. Dynamite ag siúl lena chara Fred an siorc.

Thosaigh Mr. Dynamite agus Fred ag imirt peile le cloigeann Mr. Dynamite.

The Shell Spell

St. Conleth and Mary's National School, Newbridge, Kildare, 4th Class, Fighting Words Kildare, 17 December 2021

About ten years ago, Shiloh’s mother went missing, and her goal was to find her. But she had to turn into a shell first. 

Turning into a shell wasn't so easy, she had to gather a bunch of ingredients for the potion to turn her into a shell. 

She went to the magic forest to find the ingredients. It was a dark forest with a purple and blue aura, and was filled with mystical creatures.

The Day That Went Horribly Wrong

St Joseph’s Primary School, Macroom, 6th Class, Fighting Words Cork, 16 December 2021.

Once upon a time, Jammy and Robyn were in a donut shop in the zoo. Robyn was trying to get Jammy to eat a donut.

The donut was gone off, so he got sick. He threw up in front of the shop, so he was sent home. Robyn stayed and ate her donut.

Robyn went away and got picked up by a giraffe and got thrown into a green tree.

Never Keep it a Secret

St Joseph’s Primary School, Macroom, 5th Class, Fighting Words Cork, 16 December 2021.

It was the day that Michael was moving, and James had gone to Michael’s house to say their final goodbyes.

James realised that his sister, Claudia, was there for him. She was comforting him, and James was feeling upset about the situation.

Michael and James were saying goodbye and his sister started to cry. 

“The Rotten Rodent”

St Joseph’s Primary School, Macroom, 4th and 5th class, Fighting Words Cork, 16 December 2021

Once there was a boy called Greg, who was very popular until he started to be bullied by his friend’s hamster.

Greg stormed out of his friend’s house and played Minecraft with Megan.

Megan was secretly getting bullied without telling Greg, and she was really sad.

Joey and His Epic Cheesy Adventures

Joey and His Epic Cheesy Adventures by 6th class from St. Patrick's N.S. , Diswellstown Road

One day, Joey was going to the shops to buy blue cheese for breakfast. It reminded him of the first day he had ever eaten blue cheese, a magical day.

Everything seemed the same, same setting, same time, same people, same hat, same shoes. 

There was one thing that seemed off. 

Tá Santaí Dána ar ais

Scoil Náisiúnta Cholmcille, An Tulach , Co. na Gaillimhe, Rang 4, Fighting word Chonamara, 16 Nollaig 2021

Lá amháin bhí Santaí Dána thiar i gConamara ar an trá.  Bhí sé ag marú rónta.  Chuaigh sé ag snámh le Donald Trump ach d’imigh an bréagfholt dhá chloigeann. 

Nuair a thit an bréagfholt dhá chloigeann, tháinig a mhama agus fuair sé bréagfholt nua. 

Nuair a tháinig siad amach as an bhfarraige dúirt Santaí Dána le Donald Trump, “Caithfidh muid fáil amach cá bhfuil Santaí.”

Oliver Versus Eddie

Trinity Primary School, Tuam Co.Galway, 3rd Class, Fighting Words Galway,10/12/21

Once upon a time there was a boy named Oliver who wanted to be the best football player of all time, and he was practising every day.

He wanted to be in a professional match to see how good he was.

Oliver went to trials and saw his best friend Eddie.

Christmas Ruined

St. Thomas' Junior National School, Jobstown, 2nd Class, Fighting Words Wicklow, 16th December 2021

One Christmas Eve, Santa was checking all of the toys. The elves had put all the toys in the bag in the sleigh.

Santa wanted to check that all of the toys were there.

Santa’s best friend Chip the Cookie, came up to the sleigh with a surprise.

Food Wars

Powerscourt National School, 5th & 6th Class, Fighting Words Wicklow, 15 December 2021

The Grunch lived with Boatess, the Queen of Gravy Boats.

He was in the middle of a voyage on a gravy boat going through Ice Cream Land to meet the Ice Cream King of Sprinkles. 

He finally arrived at the palace and said to the King, “Let’s flank around the corner.”

Madadh ar strae

Scoil Chnoc na Naomh, Doire Chonaire, Gort a ‘Choirce, Leitir Ceanainn, Co. Dhún na nGall, Ranganna 3 & 4, Fighting Words Chonamara, 15/12/21

Bhí fear ann darbh ainm Jonathan. Bhí sé 50 bliain d’aois. Bhí bean ann darbh ainm Olivia.

Bhí siad ina gcónaí i nDún na nGall.

Bhí Jonathan ag iarraidh madadh.

The Biggest Mistake of my Life

St Oliver’s Killarney, 6th Class, Fighting Words Kerry, 14th December 2021

I felt Izzy’s hands pushing my shoulders against the hard brick wall and I felt her spit on my face as she shouted.

She pulled me down onto the floor and I fell into a sprawl. When I was on the ground a squirrel jumped on my nose.

Izzy took no notice of it as she shouted at me “what is wrong with you?” I regretted everything I said about her, I thought.

The Two Shy Friends

St Oliver’s Killarney, 6th Class, Fighting Words Kerry, 14th December 2021

“I changed my mind, I didn’t like this school, I wanted to leave,” said Amara.

That was until Tyler came. Tyler wanted to be friends with everyone in the school but no one accepted him.

I really like him as a friend but he doesn’t like me. I was sitting at the lunch table on my own and Tyler came over to me and asked, “are you okay?”