Jack’s Marvellous Adventure

Pope John Paul II NS, 3rd class, 24th May 2021

Hiya, I’m Jack the Woodland Elf. I’m a Woodland Elf as you have noticed.

My best friend is Snowball the Husky. On Thursday, I’m going to McDonald’s to play with ketchup packets. 

I don’t like the Hairy Fellas, my rival woodland tribe, because they took me away from my family.

I put a smiley face on a rock and I hide behind it when the Hairy Fellas are nearby. 

When I went to McDonald’s on Thursday, the Hairy Fellas were there.

I went up to them and shouted, “Go away, you Hairy Fellas!” 

The hairest fella said, “Get out! These are our ketchup packets!”

I grabbed the ketchup packets and squirked them on the Hairy Fellas and pretended they were covered in blood.

Then Snowball the Husky, my best friend, jumped out of the air vent and bit the hairiest fella. 

They took Snowball...