Isaiah and the Mighty Cheese

Gaelscoil Nas na Roigh, Naas, Kildare, 6th Class, Fighting Words Wicklow, 15 June 2021

Isaiah Patush the tractor was at the dumpster trying to find their best friend Reece the Cereal box.

Sadly they didn’t find Reece in that dumpster. Instead, they found a slice of cheese.

Suddenly, a genie appeared out of nowhere and said, “your greatest wish is to own a slice of cheese.

You have been pursuing this dream for sixty nine thousand billion years”.

 “Okay,” replied Isaiah. They had a strange addiction to cheese.

As Isaiah was making his greatest wish, Donald Trump ran into the dumpster to steal the cheese.

”This slice of cheese can be a normal slice of cheese, it can give you more cheese, it is specially designed to kill Donald Trump or it can give you God like powers” the Genie whispered to Isaiah.

 Out of nowhere Reece the Cereal Box jumped out of the rubbish and stole the slice of cheese for himself…