Isabelle the Funky Chicken

Holy Child GNS, Larkhill Road, 3rd class
Once upon a time there was a funky chicken called Isabelle. 

She loved to dance all around!  She really loved to dance hip-hop, especially with her best friend Marisa the funky bunny. 
Her favourite dance was the Funky Chicken.  When she danced the Funky Chicken, she flapped her wings and sang “quack-quack-quack!” as she danced.

One day, she was over at Marisa’s house, dancing the Funky Chicken because it was Isabelle’s birthday.  One of the guests was a spider.  When Isabelle saw him she SCREAMED!

But Marisa said, “it’s okay, Isabelle, he’s a friendly spider!”

So Isabelle danced over to him and said, “Hello, Spider.  How are you?”

“Fine,” he replied.  “But I’m not called Spider, I’m called Spidey.”
Isabelle thought Spidey was such a fantastic dancer that she immediately said, “would you like to come to dancing lessons with me next week?  You’ve got so many legs I bet you’d make a great partner in a dancing competition!”

Spidey was surprised but he said, “Yes, I’d love to!” 

The next day was Valentine’s Day, and Isabelle saw two cats dancing the cha-cha-cha in the studio where she practiced.  They were soooo cool!

“Let’s try that!” Isabelle said to Spidey.

They danced around the studio madly, bumping into everyone and everything.  They didn’t notice Marisa coming into the studio carrying her pet snake in a box! 

Isabelle and Spidey accidentally bumped into the box – and fell over it!  Marisa’s snake escaped, and slithered out across the floor.

Isabelle got a fright because she was TERRIFIED of snakes. She ran into the bathroom and locked herself in! 

“I’m NOT coming out until that horrible snake is GONE!” she cried.