If It Wasn't For Rotten Carrots....

Scoil Thomais, 20/05/10, 4th Class
Once upon a time, M.J. Bunny was playing a concert in Bunnyworld. M.J.’s friend Mr. Thriller was in the audience.

He found a rotten carrot on the floor and picked it up to throw it in the bin.

However, M.J. smelt the rotten carrot and knew that something was wrong.

He was terrified of rotten carrots, so he immediately stopped singing.

There was complete silence in the Bunnyworld concert hall. M.J. dropped the microphone and ran off stage.

He had started seeing things and imagined the microphone was a rotten carrot.

M.J. was highly allergic to rotten carrots and if he ever ate one his cheeks would swell up and go red, he’d sneeze a lot, his nose would flame up, and his ears would droop down.

He knew he had to do something before the audience got mad…