The Ice Cream Van

Pathways to Literacy Summer Camp 9 July 2009
One night, Mini Michael Football Stadium and his best friend Half-Eaten Billy snuck into Croke Park. Since a match wasn’t on, the lights were off and the stadium was completely dark. They heard a banshee wailing.

“What’s that noise?” Mini Michael Football Stadium asked.

“What noise?” Billy replied, “Maybe it’s the ice cream van!” With half an ear and half a brain, he couldn’t hear very well.

Just then, a banshee came out. She said to Mini Michael, “I’ll grant you one wish. 

“Can I have an ice cream?” Half-Eaten Billy said.

Mini Michael froze in fear.

The Banshee spoke again, “I’ll give you one wish if you get me a comb.” 

But Mini Michael Football Stadium, whose greatest wish was to be goodlooking, was too scared to speak.

Billy spoke again, asking, “Can I get my other half back and have an ice cream?”