Ice-Cream Meltdown

Bray School Project, 2nd Class, County Wicklow, 4th June 2019

One day Johnny the Ice-Cream was in a magical ice-cream shop.

His best friend Jeffy the Ketchup Guy was frozen in the ice-cream freezer.

Johnny was there to get a new sprinkle cut.

Jeffy had been trying to get his phone from where it had fallen on top of the stinking fish when he froze.

Bobby the Broccoli was laughing at Jeffy and Johnny got mad and turned red – he went from vanilla to raspberry.

“You’re mean” Johnny said. “Come here Cotton” he said to his little purple dog who walked in.

“Buzz off” Bobby shouted, “you mean ice-cream tomato”.

“Cotton get that bully” said Johnny but Bobby the Broccoli got so mad that he kicked the dog.

Bobby ran away on his little icicle tricycle…