I know what you did last thursday

San Carlos Senior School, Kildare ,6th Class, 15 April 2010
It all started in Marmalade Forest when Percy spent 150 Euros on his Honda 50. Ten minutes later, when he was driving home, it broke down on Tranquility Road.

A muffin had exploded on his window.

Marty The Deep Fried Mars Bar came to his rescue. He jumped on his windshield and started cleaning it. “Get away from my windshield”, he cried.

Marty tried to climb into the backseat, but Percy closed the door shut on him. An elephant, walking down Tranquility Road, stomped on the car. Dean was riding the elephant, shouting “Never fear! Dean Babez is here!”

Dean tries to fix the car but he can’t get it to start. Percy, in anger, says “Dean, one day I will destroy you!”