Hot Potato

St. Patricks National School, Greystones, 4th Class, 18th September 2012
“Hi, I didn’t see you there!” said Bob the Potato to Fred the Chip.

They were standing in the middle of an oven. Not the best place for a potato and a chip to have a conversation...

“Is it hot in here, or is it just me?” asked Fred the Chip.

“Where are we?” said Bob.

Fred, who worked as a crime scene investigator, decided he could use his investigation skills to find out. The first thing he noticed was that Bob was beginning to turn brown.

“My Spudness! Bob, you really need a wash!” he exclaimed.

“Who do you think you are?” said Bob, “I was washed five minutes ago! It’s just my amazing tan!”

“But you’re getting browner by the minute.”

“That’s because I’m SMOKING!” said Bob, very satisfied with himself.

“Hang on a minute...” said Fred, who had just solved the case. “We’re in an oven!”

Things were looking pretty grim for our two heroes, but at that point the oven door opened and the ugliest curly- headed witch poked her nose inside to see if the food was cooked.

“Stop, drop and roll!” Fred shouted.

They stopped. They dropped. And they rolled out of the oven. 
“Get back here!” shouted the witch.

She grabbed them but they were too hot so she dropped them again. Instead, she picked up a fly swatter and ran after them.

Just at that moment, the witch’s dog Jubbles came in.

“Catch them, Jubbles!” she shouted.

Little did the witch know, that Jubbles was actually half-potato. His grandmother on his father’s side had been a potato! So because of this, he decided to help them.

“Jump on my back!” he said, in spud language. They got on his back and he ran through the dog-flap in the door.

As the witch ran after them, her hat and wig suddenly fell off, and Bob got a good look at her for the first time.