The Holy Spaghett Bowl

Cork Educate Together, 6th Class, County Cork, 9th March 2018

Wan Chong Chang didn't know what to do. Jim the Talking Sandwich was staring at him. 

The Talking Toilet had warned Chang that Jim was dangerous.

Unaware of what Jim  was capable of, Chang screamed helplessly;

'What do you want with me!'

The words echoed in his head like someone had shouted down a canyon.

Jim said in a hollow voice;  'I want to touch your spaghett'

Chang's spaghett was very precious to him as it had been passed down generation to generation through his families.

While this was happening the Talking Toilet seat was trying to do a dance move called the Floss. 

The Floss is a legendary dance move that when done in the right way it will repel away your enemies – it can even toast sandwiches.