The hobo Pope

Our Lady of Victories, 5th and 6th Class, 23/02/10
Once upon a time there was a pope living in Rome. His name was John-Bob 117th.

Somehow he fell off the balcony as he was saying a prayer and broke his leg and couldn’t afford the hospital bills so they kicked him out.

So now he’s living in a cardboard box at the M50 roundabout in Ballymun.

One day near his cardboard box he found a cabbage with a runny nose called Snotty-Nose Cabbage.

He said to it ”You’re cool can I be your friend”.

Snotty replied “don’t eat me, plz don’t eat me, plz don’t eat me”.

John-Bob 117th said “ I’m not going to eat you, I want to be your friend”.

Later on his ma found the cardboard box and pushed it down the hill.

“That’ll teach you not to eat my apples”.

As he was rolling down the hill, he screamed AAAIIIIIIEEE!!! “There’s loads a pins behind me I’m going to pop”.

He jumps out of the box and falls. His mother starts chasing after him and trips and rolls down the hill like a bowling ball and falls into a wheelie bin.

The next night a dog was pulling on the box and John-Bob 117th ran away and jumped into an empty truck which was on its way to the rubbish tip.

The Wheelie bin meanwhile was dropped off at the rubbish tip with his Ma in it.