Hobo Joe wins the Lotto

Scoil San Seamuis, James Street, 4th/5th Class, 29th November 2012
Once upon a time, Hobo Joe was walking in the woods with his best friend Redonkulous the donkey.

Joe was thinking about how to spend his lotto winnings. He’d won €5 million euro! Joe wanted to buy a house, a stable, a cup of tea, a rocket and a really fast car.

Joe and Redonkulous spotted a hunter out searching for deer.  They overheard the hunter talking to himself.  The hunter said, “If I had more expensive equipment, I would get more deer.  If only there was a rich person around.”

This frightened the hobo, who had never had money before.  Joe walked towards the hunter.  He thought that if he gave him some money, the hunter wouldn’t harm him. 

Redonkulous said, “What are you doing?  We need that money for rocket fuel and carrots.”

Hobo Joe knew he was afraid of the hunter but couldn’t think of another way to escape. 

“I know how we can escape!” said Redonkulous.