The Hippy Fight

St Oliver Plunkett NS Castleblaney, Co. Monaghan 5th/6th Class , 25th March 2009
Shep is driving his flower-power hippy van down the road minding his own business.

Gerry uses a sling shot and bursts the wheel of the van but Shep doesn’t know what’s happened.

Rory and Pat  are in the back of the van eating spicy chicken saying “Peace out dude” and suddenly the wheels go wobbly and the van goes out of control. The van drives into Gerry’s chipper. 

Boxes of chips land on Rory’s paws.  Gerry throws the heinz beans from behind the counter into the hippy van. 

They land on Pat’s face.
Pat throws some spicy chicken back at Gerry. Shep distracts Gerry by showing him how he can balance a bone on his nose.

Meanwhile Rory hotwires Gerry’s van to make it start. ...