Half a Heart

Presentation Primary School George’s Hill, Smithfield, 5th & 6th Class, 26 September 2018

Erin was walking through a rainy field. She was walking quickly, looking for shelter.

Erin was with her friend Pearl. Suddenly, a dog jumped out in front of them.

Pearl said, “Get away! Get away!”

Erin said, “Ahh, Pearl, she’s so cute.”

Erin and Pearl heard a boy calling, “Luna, Luna!”

The boy stopped when he saw his dog with the girls.

He said, “Thank you for finding my dog. This is Luna and my name is Bob.”

“You’re welcome!” said Erin with a nervous smile. “Can I keep him?”

“No,” said Bob. “But you can mind him for a while and take him for a walk.”

The rain had stopped but Pearl decided to go home.

Erin said that she would take Luna for a walk with Bob.

Erin and Bob walked with Luna in the forest. Bob asked her about the broken love-heart charm on her necklace.

Erin said, “My sister gave it to me before she left home.

She has the other half. I don’t know where she is now. I haven’t seen her in years.”

Bob asked, “Would you like me to help you find her?”