Grunty and Drunky

Bennettsbridge Cub Scouts 26th April 2011
Once upon a time there was a fat flying Pig called Grunt. He lived in a box on a farm on Mars.

One day, aliens, led by Drunky the Drunk Monkey, invaded Mars. Drunky was sent to Mars by his parents to stop drinking, but he was so drunk that he thought he was the leader of the aliens.

Grunt decided to visit Magnum the Police-horse on Earth.

Grunt was too lazy to fly to Earth, so he stole Drunky’s Spaceship. Drunky was furious. Grunt landed his spaceship in Castle Park in Kilkenny, where Jedward were performing.

Drunky gathered bits and pieces (including Beer Cans) on Mars to build a new Spaceship. He followed Grunt to Kilkenny by his smell.

Magnum the Police-horse was patrolling Castle Park when Grunt landed. Grunt thought it would be a good place to meet a girlfriend.

He asked Magnum to introduce him to Jedward, because girls liked them.

He wanted to meet the love of his life and then he saw a dancing Lollipop…