The Great Manchesco Divelo

Scoil an Athar Maitiú, 6th Class, County Cork, 02  May 2019 

Manchesco Divelo is a talking dog and his biggest dream is to work at a circus.

His best friend’s name is Fat Betty and she is a cat. He lives in the city far from any circus.

He has an owner that is always gone to work and doesn’t really care about him.

Manchesco has great dreams to run a circus!

He always imagined that he would be in the circus.

Manchesco said to Fat Betty ‘I really want to be in the circus.’

Fat Betty said ‘Just come with me!’

Manchesco said ‘I can’t I’m too scared.’

Fat Betty asked ‘Why can’t you?’

Manchesco said ‘I’m too scared of the crowds.’

Manchesco was always going to see Fat Betty perform at the circus.

Fat Betty likes to perform on the trapeze at the circus and dangle off the ribbons.

Manchesco’s owner works at the circus and if he ever caught him at the circus Manchesco would be punished....