The Great Escape

​Carrakennedy National School, Liscarney, Westport, Co. Mayo, 3rd-6th Class

Geoff the Giraffe is trudging through the lush tropical jungle.

He is feeling blue because he is trapped in North Korea.

Suddenly, Geoff catches a glimpse of a petite and peculiar blue creature waving at him from a little plane in the sky.

“Ola Noel, great to see…”


“Aahhhhh!!” Geoff screams.

He watches in horror as the plane bursts into flames and plummets towards the ground.

“Nooooooooooel!” roars Geoff at the top of his lungs.

As Noel scrambles from the sky, he realises he has a parachute strapped to his back.

He hurls himself clear from the plane. His parachute opens but catches on a tree.

Noel ends up dangling from the branch of a palm tree.

Geoff races over towards the tree and shouts, “Hold on tight Noel, I’m a-comin’!

You can slide down my neck!”

As Noel swings in the tree, trying to release himself, the parachute untangles and he begins to fall.

Suddenly, Noel finds himself freefalling down a yellow pole with brown spots.



Noel and Geoff freeze in terror. Something bursts from the trees!

Donald Trunk the Elephant leads an army of gorillas out of the jungle.

The ground is shaking and the trees are falling…