The Great Cake Escape

Holy Trinity National School, Donaghmede, 6th Class, 11th September 2012
On a very cold summer’s day, there was a cigar- smoking, hip-hop dancing doughnut named Sprinkles.

She lived in the Cake & Bake  bakery.  Her best friend Craig wanted to live in the cake shop with her but he wasn’t allowed because he was too clumsy.

Years ago, Craig had knocked over a stand filled with the greatest cupcakes ever made and had destroyed them all.  The owner, Jimmy Joe the Grumpy Granny, had said to him, “You’re never allowed back in here again!”   So, now Craig lived in the dumpster at the back of the cake shop.

Sprinkles wanted to go to see Craig but Jimmy Joe wouldn’t let her out.  The horrible truth was that Jimmy Joe liked to eat her cakes and doughnuts instead of selling them.  She hadn’t sold a cake or a doughnut in seven years.  

On the cold summer’s day, Sprinkles came up with a plan of escape.  She hired an army of profiteroles to distract Jimmy Joe and paid them seven sprinkles an hour, which was the minimum wage.  

At the same time, Craig threw a disguise for her through the window.  It was a giant banana skin.  She put it on but then realised that it was going to be really hard to walk along the high shelf because as everybody knows banana skins are really, really slippy.  

Sprinkles was afraid she would fall off the shelf and splatter everywhere.  She began to walk very slowly towards the open window. Just then, Jimmy Joe saw the banana walking across the shelf.

“Hmmmm, very strange,” she said to herself. “Why is there a banana in my cakeshop?  And why is that banana so small and fat and round?”