The Great Battle of Mr. McClunky and Mr. Banana

Holy Child BNS, 3rd class, 14th June 2021

One morning Mr. McClunky woke up in his giant supervillain tower.

Mr. Banana the Mouse wanted to help the world. Mr. McClunky watched the news and saw that there was a new bank opening. 

Mr. Banana sneaked up behind Mr. McClunky to attack him. Mr. Banana and Mr. McClunky started battling and eventually got bored.

Mr. McClunky grumbled to himself and poured a cup of black milk and a bowl of villain flakes. 

Then he got fed up and threw the bowl on the floor.

He decided to go and rob the new bank.

Mr. Banana the Mouse was at the bank, waiting to stop him. 

Mr. Banana bit Mr. McClunky said, “You’ve got rabies, ha, ha. You’re welcome.” 

Then Mr. Banana ran away and Mr. McClunky had to try and cure the rabies...