Grater Hater

Scoil 'de Kilmore West, Dublin 5, 5th Class, 12th February 2009
Bob the talking cheese is in the gerbil’s cage.  He had jumped in there when the lady with the grater had opened the fridge to get some cheese to grate.  She had already nipped a piece off his side before he managed to jump to safety.

Bob notices that the gerbil is dancing in the cage.  The gerbil tries to run away when she sees Bob.  She jumps onto her wheel and runs and runs and runs.  But she does not get anywhere.  She is just running around in circles.

Bob says, ‘Don’t worry.  You can trust me.’

They introduce themselves to each other.

‘My name is Bob.  Can I stay here for a while until the lady with the grater has gone?’

The gerbil is exhauasted from all the running and falls off the wheel.  She says, ‘Of course you can.  By the way, my name is Cuddles.  Why are you afraid of that lady anyway?  She is the one that feeds me.  I love her.’

‘Does she not try and eat you?  She tries to eat me all the time.’

Bob explains his dramatic story to Cuddles and tells him he had a close call with the grater.

Cuddles explains to Bob that she wants to be a dancer – that is why she was dancing when Bob got into the cage...