Granny Teta’s Great Adventures

Kilcoole Primary School, 6th class,County Wicklow, 27th November 2018

Granny Teta was sitting in her old springy armchair thinking about the time Granny Murray broke the speed limit and flew off a cliff.

She imagined the time when they drove over the cliff and she remembered her best friend’s rainbow hair.

She was listening to diddley-aye music on her portable cd player.

As they crashed she stumbled from the car to a nearby drain where she found a winning lottery ticket.

Now she could buy a pair of Aldi slippers, a leaf-blower, and a new Nascar which would get her and her pal Granny Murray back on the road.

As the two grannies walked home across a bridge they were passing a farm just as some turkeys jumped over a fence.

Granny Teta asked her friend ‘What is that standing at the other side of the bridge?’

‘It’s a turkey!’, screamed Granny Murray.

They started running but Granny Murray fell. Granny Teta ran back to help her friend.

The turkey ran across the bridge and bit Granny Teta on the arm tearing off her gold silk scarf.

As she was being chased by the turkey she saw a bungee cord on the bridge.

She grabbed the cord and jumped…