Granny, Loopy Delores & the Mystery Guest

St. Brigid’s Primary School, Haddington Road, 5th Class, 25th October 2011
One bright, windy day, Margaret the Flying Granny’s best friend, Loopy Delores, was blown away.

Delores had been outside in her front garden meditating, when suddenly, a small twister appeared over her house, picked her up, and carried her away. No other houses were damaged.

At this exact moment, Margaret was flying overhead. She had learned to fly in witch classes when she was a kid. When she graduated, they had given her a magical umbrella and a flying licence.

Margaret has always been a terrible flyer, and for the past five years has been flying into poles, traffic lights, houses and dragonflies.

The twister carried Loopy Delores all the way to Ray’s shop. Margaret chased after her loopy friend on her flying umbrella.

By the time she got to Ray’s, Delores and a talking cow (who had also fallen out of the twister) were running around causing havoc.

Delores grabbed a skateboard off one shelf and a scone off another.  She gave the skateboard to the talking cow, then hopped on the cow’s back and started scoffing down the scone.

Together the two burst out of Ray’s and shot down the hill. Once again, Margaret chased after them.

As the cow was running, he began to feel a little queasy, and suddenly belched up a make-up mirror he had swallowed in the shop.

The mirror came flying back and Margaret caught it. She glanced at her reflection and screamed, “O.M.G!!!!!.”

She was distracted by the horror of her reflection, and crashed through the window of a funeral home and fell into an empty coffin…