The Good, The Squishy and The Ugly

Galway Educate Together National School, Newcastle, Galway City, 5th Class                                     

One day, Baguette Boi and his best friend Spread, the Lump of Butter, were at a cafe.

Spread had to be careful about heat, so they were sitting outside.

This was the fanciest cafe in town. There was a TV in the cafe and on the TV, the news reporter was talking  about sightings of Blippys in the city.

When Baguette Boi heard this, he says to Spread, ”Oh, I sure hope Ronald Glump doesn’t get to these Blippies first.”

Spread replied, “Well, if you don’t want Ronald Glump to get them, we have to get there first.”

Baguette Boi and Lump called up Lamborgini Man because they wanted a fast ride to the jungle.

They wanted to find the Blippies and they also wanted to avoid Alfanzo the fairy, because she steals Blippies.

In the jungle, Baguette Boi and Spread noticed signs left by Blippies – little puddles of Blippy juice. Blippies spit a lot because their mouths are always open.

Baguette Boi and Spread began to follow these puddles through the jungle.

While they were looking down at the puddles, they also noticed traces of Alfanzo – red glitter on the jungle floor.

They were really afraid of Alfanzo.

Spread the butter got really nervous when she sees the glitter. She began to melt.

Spread cried, “Maybe it’s time to turn around!”

But Baguette Boi wanted to continue on the quest. They went further into the jungle and they saw scratches down the trees and cages.

Spread said, “We have to be careful. The scratches could be from the Gummybear lollypop sticks, because they’re 10 feet tall.” Meanwhile, she was still melting, but Baguette Boi was too busy looking at the scratches to notice.

A fridge all of a sudden appeared through the fog. Baguette Boi picked up Spread and put her into the fridge.

Baguette Boi looked up into the trees and he spotted more red glitter.

Meanwhile, Spread was beginning to freeze in the fridge.

The fridge all of a sudden started to make very loud noises, and began to turn into a robot...