The Glass Factory

By Macy Nolan

It was the evening when Beth was helping her Grandad Joe close the garage. He owned it. She saw a stranger walking by. The mysterious person, dressed head to toe in black, ran into the factory, three seconds later, it burst into flames.

Beth gasped and ran inside the garage


“What Beth?”

“The factory is on fire!”

“What?” Beth’s grandad ran to the door”

“I’ll bring you home now.”

All Beth could think about was, who was that person? Her questions engulfed her. By the time they got home, her parents were on the couch watching the news.

“Tea, Joe?” her dad asked, grandad nodded.

“Breaking news” exclaimed the newsreader, “the glass factory burst into flames, the fire brigade is on the scene. Jenny‘s there to tell us more.”

Beth felt tired so she went to bed. The next morning, she went to the factory to investigate, the police were already there. They found two strands of hair, black and purple and they took them to a lab.

Beth saw someone, they looked oddly familiar, she realised it was the person she saw last night. She ran after the person,

“Hey, stop!”


“Why did you set fire to the factory?”

“How do you know?

“I was at my grandad’s garage, she replied politely.

The girl ran away.

Beth went home, the news was on, the town hall had been vandalised.

Beth ran upstairs onto her balcony and she saw the girl digging a strange object from a hole.

Beth ran to find the girl

“Oi You!”


“What are you doing?”

“I’m digging”

What’s your name?


“What’s that?”

“It’s a compass device”

“I’m looking for my parents”

“I’ll help you”


They ran for ages, the navigation device led them to Kayla’s parents