The Girl Who Didn’t Like How She Lived

Ruth, Age 6, Co. Tipperary

Once there was a girl called Anna. She lived in Nenagh. Her mom was German and her dad was French and her sister was very good at Irish so Ana couldn’t understand them. She didn’t like the way she lived.

So every day, Anna played in her room. That’s only what she did and it was very boring. She loved her family but not how they spoke. She did writing as well as playing with her dolls and she read too.

But one day, the door opened and her mom came in and began to speak. “When I was small, I spoke English too but my mom was German so I learned how to speak German. When I grew up, I spoke German so it was my new language for the rest of my life.”

“Wow, Mom,” said Anna. Her mom had tears in her eyes. Anna hugged her mom and her mom said she loved her. Mom gave Anna some food to eat. Mom went to the sitting room. Then, Anna smiled.

She a jump out of her bed one morning for German school and got dressed.

“Bye Mom, bye Dad!”

“Anna, where are you going? And why is there a German school bus outside?” asked Mom.

“I’m sorry, Mom. I just want to be more like my family.”

“Oh Anna, don’t be sad. We all make mistakes.”

Anna ran to her room with tears in her eyes. “Anna, wait,” said her dad, running after her. She slammed the door after her.

“I wish I had listened,” said Anna.

“Oh, Anna you did listen” said her dad. “Just in a different way.”

“Waiiiit?” said Anna. “I thought you couldn’t speak English?”

“Anna, that’s what we’ve been trying to explain to you all along,” said Dad.

“I’m sorry I didn’t listen,” said Anna.

“That’s okay. At least you know now.”

“What about the German bus?” asked Anna.

“Oh, they will be gone soon,” said her dad.

Then Anna heard a noise. It was a letter from her Nana and Grandad. It read:

To our lovely girl Anna.

We know it is hard but you can work it out.

From Nana and Grandad

Anna loved it. She decided to send them a text message. Her mom and dad were surprised that Anna got over it so quickly.

Anna’s message said: “Thank you for the letter. I loved it. From Anna.” Send!

“Ich habe meine daraus gelernt,” said Anna.

“Wow!” said her Mom and Dad. “You really did learn a lesson. Now let’s get to work teaching you how to speak more German.”

“Yay!” said Anna. “Let’s go and speak German. I’ll teach you, Dad!”

And they became The German Family.