Giggilo and Fifi's Adventure

Bray School Project, 2nd Class, County Wicklow,12th April 2018

Once upon a time in the year five billion and fifty there was a rabbit called Giggilo.

One morning they woke up and saw friend Fifi at the window.

“wake up lazy bones” Fifi shouted, “ you’re gonna be late for school, and  there is show and tell today”.

Fifi had a smile up to their forehead.  Giggilo smiled back the same way as Fifi was coughing.

They left for school, but just as they got there, Fifi remembered that they had left the oven on!!!

They both ran back to the house, to find it on fire!  It was burnt to bits.

“Why don’t you stay in my house til you find a new one?” said Fifi.

But, at Fifi’s house a robber had broken in and shot all the lights.

They go in the house and someone locks the door behind them, and Giggilo starts screaming “ help, help, it’s too dark”