The Ghost Hunting Adventure

St Joseph’s Primary School​, Ballinrobe 4th Class, Castlebar, Mayo, 24th January 2017

Its late at night, Philip the farting potatoe is walking in Crispy Grass Park, playing with is yoyo. 

When suddenly he spots a big scary old ancient house in the distance. 

He hasn’t noticed this house before, so he is curious and he walks towards it.

As he walks towards the house all the lights on the side of the footpath go out. 

Philip the farting pototoe was so frightened that he let out a massive fart which propelled him through the door and into the basement.

As Philip flew through the door he bounced on every single step into the basement.

The basement door slams soundly behind him and the lock clicks shut. 

Out of the darkness he hears a massive burp. 

“Hello there, is that you Jonathon”, Philip calls out nervously. 

“Yes”, burps Jonathon, “it’s me”.

Jonathon emerges from the darkness into the light and says “please help me, I have been down here for a week”.