Get Me Some Vanish!

St.Paul's NS Ayrfield, 6th Class
Jimmy was an average twenty-year-old guy.  His best friend was Cheryl Cold-d-d, who once accidentally fell into a freezer when she was reaching for an ice cream (that’s why they called her Cold-d-d!).  

They lived in Hawaii, and one summer, Jimmy was picked for Crane Driver of the Year.  Photographers came from all over and started taking pictures of him in his yellow builder’s hat.  He really liked being in front of the camera.

The paparazzi started taking hundreds of pictures – and Jimmy and Cheryl Cold-d-d ended up on the front pages of all the newspapers in Hawaii.

While the photographers were taking his picture, he started posing with his lunch, and because he had just waxed his shoes, he fell out of the crane and into a lake.  Luckily, Cheryl Cold-d-d was swimming in the lake and saved him from drowning!

“Thank you for saving me,” Jimmy cried, “I’ll give you anything you need!”

“A…kiss?” Cheryl asked.

And they kissed!

They fell in love!  They got engaged!  They decided to get married! 

BUT… their wedding was bombarded with paparazzi and fans, camera flashes everywhere, security guards at every doorway to stop people getting in.  It was a nightmare!  One of the paparazzi stepped on Cheryl’s designer wedding dress and left a footprint – a Penney’s Finest footprint! - on it. 

“What’s this filth on my dress?  Get this cleaned before I shove you out an emergency exit!”  Cheryl shouted at Jimmy.

Jimmy grabbed a glass of wine and threw it on her dress to try to clean it – but he made it worse! So he spat on the stain, but missed and got her in the face!

“GET ME SOME VANISH!!!” Jimmy shouted...