Georgie The Girl Who Annoys People

SS Michael and Peter, County Wicklow, 2nd Class, 03 April 2019

Once upon a time there lived a girl who was very annoying her name was Georgie.

“Georgie” said her mother “Come down to eat”.

“What are we having for dinner mum?”

“We are having pizza.”

She says “I don’t want pizza, I want to annoy people.”

“You can’t annoy people before dinner, you have to eat food”

“Can my friend come over?” asked Georgie.

“No, because you have to eat your dinner!”

“When you eat your dinner your friend can come over.”

Bob who was a very fat boy and Georgie’s friend was sneaking around and he got stuck in the window.

Georgie said “Who was that?” She was wandering around and she saw Bob, she then fainted.