Georges Big Dream

St Josephs SNS Ballymun 4th\5th Class 16 May 2011
George the Shetland pony is the main character. He is black and white, wears roundy glasses with a moustache.
Penny the five cent piece is Georges best friend. Penny is a giant five cent piece and has wings.

Georges greatest wish is to win the grand national.

Georges biggest fear is he is afraid of everything, including his own shadow.

One day George the shetland pony woke up after dreaming he won the Grand National. He decides to go around to see his best friend, Penny the five cent piece, to tell her all about his dream.
When he gets to Pennys house he is about to knock on the door, when he sees a shadow. Afraid of his shadow he screams, then faints.

Penny, thinking that it is a little girl screaming comes out of her house to see what the noise is. Penny drags George inside and holds a bucket of oats under his nose to bring him around. When he comes around Penny said, “whats with all the noise, I am trying to get my beauty sleep”.


“Where am I” said George when he woke up. He realised where he was and then told Penny all about his dream.

Penny then asks George, “how are you going to win the Grand National when you are afraid of your own shadow”?