Geogina and Ross Defeat the Fat Bullies

Sacred Heart SNS​, 5th class, County Wicklow, 6th December 2018

Once upon a time there was a lonely compost bin called Ross. No one ever liked him except for Georgina.

She was the only one who recycled her materials. Everybody else just littered.

One day Georgina joined a new school. At lunch time no one let her sit at their table.

So she sat beside Ross the compost bin and that’s how they became friends.

While Georgina went to the toilet some bullies came and kicked Ross over.

“You are such a smelly bin!” they shouted.

Suddenly Georgina returned and the pair came up with a plan to defeat the bullies.

Georgina flung Ross and he hit the bullies.

Georgina stood up straight and challenged the bullies: “Instead of fighting let’s have a round of ‘My Battle’.”

In the middle of lunch they took Ross and went to Georgina’s house.

There she passed the game controller to Ross as they had a better chance of not losing that way.

Ross was the best player at ‘My Battle’ and Georgina was afraid of coming second.

So focused in his game, unaware of what he is saying, Ross blurts out to the bully: “You suck at ‘My Battle’.” Suddenly the bully charged at him…