Gary The Green Elephant

YPO 7 March 2011
Once Gary the green elephant was walking through the park.

He bumped into his best friend Susie the chocolate labrador.

Gary said, “Hello, how are you? What have you been doing?” 

“You’ll never believe what’s just happened to me,” said Susie.

“When I was walking down the street, it started raining ice cream.

After that I couldn’t see because I got ice cream in my eyes.  A Range Rover came by, but I dodged it because I was able to melt and go under it.”

Gary said, “Well that’s amazing but I can drive a Lambourghini car, I can change colours and I can turn incy-small.  But I’ve never been able to roller skate.”

Susie told him, “Well, I can roller skate but I have to spend twice as much money because I have to buy two pairs.”

“Where did you get the money for the rollerskates?” asked Gary.