Fried Bacon

Castleknock NS, 4th/5th Class, 22/06/10
Once Snorkel the green/brown pig was in an igloo when he realised this wasn’t SpecSavers.

Snorkel was so dirty he looked brown and not green. He hadn’t bathed his whole life because he hated soap.

Snorkel the green pig had a big wish to be even fatter because he wanted to be on “Who’s the Fattest Pig in the World or USA!” where the prize was to be a sumo wrestler.

So he calls Bobby Bacon on his banana-phone to come get him and take him to SpecSavers.

Suddenly a pink blur shot through the ceiling and landed in a pile of snow, ice, and pig.

“Why did you crash into the ceiling?” asked Snorkel.

“I don’t know. I’m only learning how to fly!” said Bobby.