Fridge Factor

Belgrove GNS, Clontarf. 6th Class
Gibby had always loved dancing.  It was a hard hobby, especially because Gibby was a piece of blue cheese!

On Gibby’s first day at stage school, he was reeeally nervous because he was the youngest there and didn’t know anyone.  AND it looked like he was the only piece of blue cheese.  All the other cheeses were cheddar!  

Gibby thought he was the only one who wasn’t a piece of cheddar cheese, until he noticed two belly-dancing scrambled egg identical twins.

He smiled at them, but they just stuck their tongues out at him, sneering under their breaths, “you’re just an ugly piece of blue cheese!”

Suddenly, the dance teachers (Monsieur Prune and Madame Grape) called out, “Aiverrrybody paire up!” There was a frenzy of movement as all the cheddar cheeses rushed to pair up with each other.

Gibby was left rushing around on his own, looking for a partner - until he bumped straight into a sausage!  

At first, they were speechless, staring at each other.  They could hear their hearts thumping, “dun-DUN, dun-DUN, dun-DUN,” and they began to dance.  

Gibby was so nervous, he tripped over the sausage’s foot.  She bent over to help him up, introducing herself.  

“Hi-i-i-i,” she sang (she sang everything she said!). “I’m Melody – which is a bit of a coincidence because I lo-o-o-o-ove singing!  Opera mostly.  But I do come up with the occa-a-a-asional rap when I’m on my own.  Like when I’m in the sho-o-o-ower.” 

Gibby blushed all over, forty shades of blue, which made him blue-er than he’d ever been before!

Melody said, “…and yo-o-our name is?”

Gibby was so flustered, he stuttered, “I’m Melody – oh no, you’re Melody!...I’m Gib-Gib-Gibby…emmmm, but you can call me Gibb.  I like dancing.”

Suddenly, they heard Madame Grape announcing, “Alors, time for dejeuner!  Practice is ovairre!”

Gibby and Melody headed off to the cafeteria.  The first thing they saw, inside the door, was a giant poster advertising open auditions for the Fridge Factor Competition.  It was going to be held in the Big Apple.  The main prize was to star in a musical in the West End of the fridge!

A meatball waiter came along to take their order.  “I’ll have a cheese sandwich please,’ Melody said, “and make it blue.”  

“And I’ll have a sausage sandwich,” Gibby said.  

Then, simultaneously they exclaimed, “I’ve got the Fridge Factor!” 

But they were overheard by the evil belly-dancing Scrambled Egg Sisters.  Petunia, the meaner one, jeered to Penelope, the snobbier one, ”they won’t even get past the first round…”