Football Phobia

Parke National School, Castlebar, Mayo, 5th and 6th Class, 22 November 2016

Jason the duck was in Duck Park training fields, once again trying to overcome his fear of footballs with his friend Percy Pegasus.

When Jason was four years old, he had fallen over a football and fractured his leg, which was very painful and left him bedridden for three months. 

It happened during the hottest summer ever recorded in Duckton Town.

Percy kicked the ball towards Jason, but every time it went near Jason, he jumped out of the way in fear.

“Jason, you do know that the All Animal Football Championship (AAFC) is coming up in September?

It’s  only two months away?” said Percy.

“OMG Percy! What am I going to do? Do you think I can get on the Duckton Town team?” said Jason.

“I can’t even get near a football!” …