The Flying Pig

HAY After School Project  
Once upon a time there was a man named Jim Bob. He was a farmer living in Kerry with all the cows. He had to farm from inside his house which was quite difficult!

He had another house down in Port Laoise that got burnt down, killing many of his cows.

He was watching Kerry beat Dublin in the football on his little telly when it blew up, causing the rest of his cows to run away! That’s how his house caught on fire.

Pork Chop the pig was thinking of leaving his best friend Jim Bob to die, but he changed his mind at the last minute.

Pork chop saved Jim Bob’s life by tying his tail around his leg and flying him out of the window. He flew Jim Bob all the way to his other house in Kerry.

That’s why Porkchop the Pig was his best friend, and that’s why he’s afraid of the outside world.

However, because of his awful accident in Port Laoise, he was even afraid to go inside of his house. He was also afraid of his chickens and afraid that the foxes would eat his chickens… he wanted to eat them himself!

Jim Bob was so afraid that he asked Pork Chop to fly him to New York. “I’m not going to be afraid of the outside world anymore, I want to go to New York”…