The Flying Banana

Scoil Thomáis, Castleknock​, 4th Class, 7 November 2018

Joe the Banana was in bed. When he woke up, he attempted to fly.

He started off small by jumping off his bed, but he just plopped on the ground.

Next he tried to fly by jumping off the roof off his banana bungalow, but that didn’t work either.

Joe felt discouraged and upset. He rang his best friend, Daniella the Dingo, on his apple phone.

“Daniella, I really need you to help me with my flying skills,” said Joe.

“Okay,” said Daniella. “I will help you.”

“Come quick, I’m starting to rot,” said Joe. “If I rot, I could die.”

“That would be bad for you, Joe,” said Daniella. “You might end up in the compost.”

Joe thought if he could learn to fly that he wouldn’t rot.

Daniella was a flying dingo.

She made some paper wings to help Joe get started with his flying and went over to his house.

It was raining though and the paper wings got wet…