Fluffy’s New Life

St. John the Baptist IGS, 1st class, 30th April 2021

Fluffy the Dog lives in a very dark place and she hates it!

She has a very terrible owner.

Her owner would throw her in the mud when Fluffy was being nice.

Fluffy always dreamed about being rich. 

Fluffy’s owner threw her out and she became a stray.

One day, somebody took her home. In the new place she found a friend.

Every day she would get a new toy.

Every day Fluffy played with her new friend Little.

She found that this nice home had loads of food!

One day the new owner got really rich and they moved into a bigger home.

The new owner started to like her.

Fluffy loved her new home, but she didn’t know yet that there was a monster that came out at night-time creeping around the home!

The next day, her old owner came looking for her.

The owner said to Fluffy “Where have you been? I’ve been looking for you everywhere!!!”

When it was night-time, her old owner found her and took her home.

Fluffy said “No!”...