The Flight to Rome

Plás Mhuire BNS, St. Mary’s Place, Dublin 7, 5th and 6th Class, 22 November 2011
Johnny MacaBumfluff met up with his best friend Ear Lingus.

They had booked a flight to take them to Rome because they were on the run from Ryan Ear.

When Johnny MacaBumfluff and Ear Lingus got to the airport, they found out that their flight had been delayed. They went outside and found Ryan Ear was waiting for them, so they ran back in.

Johnny and Ear Lingus couldn’t escape because Ryan Ear would catch them. But they did try - they jumped on the luggage carts and on the luggage carousel.

As Johnny and Ear Lingus were trying to escape, Ryan Ear bombed them with sticky foam to keep them there. But Ear Lingus flapped his ears so hard that the foam fell off. 

They went down the runway but Johnny and Ear Lingus couldn’t fly so they ran into the cargo area of a jumbo jet. Ear Lingus had to press down his ears to get inside.

The cargo door was still open when Ryan Ear came up behind them and damaged the wing with water balloons.

Ryan Ear was grabbed by the Airport Police officers. Johnny MacaBumfluff and Ear Lingus slipped out of the back of the plane and Johnny pulled Ear Lingus’s hair and his ears opened.

“I believe I can fly!” shouted Ear Lingus.

Johnny and Ear Lingus started drifting towards Rome. When Ryan Ear saw Johnny and Ear Lingus up in the air, he screamed “NOOOO!!!” so loudly that he broke the cell that he had been locked up in.