Fizztastic Day

Griffeen Valley ETNS, 4th Class, 2 October 2012
One day, Mr Fizz and his best friend Icerella the Talking Ice Cube were talking in the fridge.

They were chatting about going to the beach. The people of the house had packed them in a basket ready to go to the beach.  

When they got to the beach, the owners were getting out the spare blanket for sitting on the sand.  Suddenly, though, the blanket swooshed Mr Fizz and Icerella away from the basket towards the sea.  

Mr Fizz was a bottle of pink lemonade and whenever he got angry, purple fizz exploded out of his lid.  Mr Fizz got really angry when they were pushed out of the basket.

“Oh, fizzlesticks, I can’t believe this!” he said.  

“Oh cool down,” replied Icerella, “Don’t fizz your top. We can go for a walk.”  

The two friends hopped and landed on a skateboard and down the hill they went.  

They were going really fast down the hill when they hit a bump and went flying.  

Mr Fizz and Icerella landed on another picnic area and Mr Fizz saw Mrs 7-Up.  He felt all fizzed up with excitement.  

He thought Mrs 7-Up was lovely but his friend Icerella was feeling jealous.....